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‘Left Behind’ ALBUM

‘Left Behind’ ALBUM

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We are so excited to present our debut album ‘Left Behind’.

Track List

1. Come Back and Say Goodbye

2.The Heather Field 

3.Left Behind 


5.As Autumn Falls 

6.Lying to Myself 

7.Silver in Colorado 

8.The Lighthouse

9.Take it All

10. Lay Down Your Troubles 

11. The Show is Over 

As always your support means the absolute world to us as independent musicians, so thank you ❤️

These songs were written over the space of a few years and over lockdown and they deal with love, loss and grief. 

We’re so happy we finally get to show you.

Feel free to send us a message on social media or email to let us know what you think

Contact us - 😊 



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