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Without Willow

Upcoming Cover Gigs. Send us a message on FB or Insta if you have any requests :)

28th January 2023/Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny /9.30pm

14th February 2023/Blake's Bar, Letterkenny/9,30pm

17th Feb 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

18th Feb 2023/Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey/9.30pm

24th Feb 2023/Oyster Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

25th Feb 2023/ An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

4th March 2023/Rose's Bar, Creeslough/9.30pm

11th March 2023/Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey/9.30pm

12th March 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6.30pm

17th March 2023/Letterkenny Irish Pub, Rudalstadt, Germany Time TBA

24th March 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

25th March 2023/Rose's Bar, Dunfanaghy/9,30pm

9th April 2023/Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny, 9.30pm

14th April 2023/Oyster Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

15th April 2023/An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

21st April 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9,30pm

22nd April 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

23rd April 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6.30pm

6th May 2023/An Seamrog Bar, Ballybofey/9,30pm

26th May 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

27th May 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

3rd June 2023/Villa Rose, Ballybofey/9.30pm

11th June 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6.30pm

23rd June 2023/Dillons Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

24th June 2023/An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

25th June 2023/Rose's Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

1st July 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

7th July 2023/Oyster Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

8th July 2023/Silver Tassie, Letterkenny/9.30pm

14th July 2023/Neily's Bar, Arranmore Island/9.30pm

15th July 2023/Neily's Bar, Arranmore Island/9.30pm

21st July 2023/Dillon's Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

22st July 2023/An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

23rd July 2023/Rose's Bar, Creeslough/9.30pm

29th July 2023/Arnold's Hotel, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

30th July 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6.30pm

4th August 2023/Arnold's Hotel, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

5th August 2023/An Seamrog Bar, Ballybofey/9.30pm

6th August 2023/Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

12th August 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

18th August 2023/Dillon's Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

19th August 2023/Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

25th August 2023/Rose's Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

26th August 2023/An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

27th August 2023/Arnold's Hotel, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

2nd September 2023/Villa Rose, Ballybofey/9.30pm

8th September 2023/Oyster Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

15th September 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

16th September 2023/Silver Tassie, Letterkenny/9.30

17th September 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6,30pm

23rd September 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

7th October 2023/An Chuirt Hotel, Gweedore/9.30pm

13th October 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

27th October 2023/Rose's Bar, Creeslough/9.30pm

4th November 2023/Villa Rose Hotel, Ballybofey/9.30pm

11th November 2023/Rose's Bar, Creeslough/9.30pm

17th November 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

19th November 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/ 6.30pm

25th November 2023/Brewery Bar, Letterkenny/9.30pm

1st Dec 2023/Oyster Bar, Dunfanaghy/9.30pm

2nd Dec 2023/Rose's Bar, Creeslough/9.30pm

8th Dec 2023/Dillon's Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

9th Dec 2023/Silver Tassie Hotel, Letterkenny/9.30pm

10th Dec 2023/Central Bar, Letterkenny/6.30pm

Our latest Singles

Our latest singles NIGHTINGALE and AS AUTUMN FALLS are available for digital download/streaming everywhere now! Check it out on Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube/Bandcamp

We are currently working on our debut album :)

“Sensational. A wonderful new talent”

Lynette Fay BBC Radio Ulster

“The EP is fantastic”

Eve Blair BBC Radio Ulster

“Excellent stuff. Just brilliant”

Ralph McLean BBC Radio Ulster