Upcoming Dates

18th Jan 2024/4.30pm/Your Roots Are Showing Folk Conference/Dundalk

26 Jan 2024/9.30pm/Dillon's Hotel/Letterkenny

27 Jan 2024/10pm/Silver Tassie/Letterkenny

9th Feb 2024/8pm/ 'Left Behind' Album Launch/Regional Cultural Centre/Letterkenny

11th Feb 2024/6.30pm/Central Bar/Letterkenny

16th Feb 2024/10pm/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny

17th Feb 2024/9.30/Arnold's Hotel/Dunfanaghy

23rd Feb 2024/9.30pm/Dillon's Hotel/Letterkenny

24th Feb 2024/10pm/Rose's Bar/Creeslough

2nd March 2024/9.30pm/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy

13th March/Mini Mouth Piece Showcase/Cottage Bar, Letterkenny 

22nd March 2024/10pm/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny

23rd March 2024/10pm/Silver Tassie/Letterkenny

30th March 2024/9.30pm/Dillon's Hotel/Letterkenny




26th May 2024/The Purple Sessions/McHughs Barrel Venue, Chord Road, Drogheda, Co Louth

16th July 2024/Darkey Kellys Singer Singer-Songwriter Night/Fishamble St Dublin

14th August 2024/ The Cedar Sessions/Court House/Bangor/Northern Ireland

 20th November 2024/Bridge of Song/Bridge Street Bar, Castlebar, Co Mayo

 Date TBA  Whistle This, Bowes Bar, Thurles, Co Tipperary 



7th April 2024/The Central Bar/Letterkenny/ 8-10pm 

20th April 2024/Arnold’s Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-late 

26th April 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/10-late 

27th April 2024/Silver Tassie/Letterkenny/10-late 

4th May 2024/Silver Tassie/Letterkenny/10-late 

9th May 2024/Blake’s Bar/Letterkenny/9-11pm

10th May 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30

11th May 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10pm-late 

18th May 2024/Arnold’s Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10pm-late 

1st June 2024/Villa Rose/Ballybofey/10pm-late 

8th June 2024/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10pm-late 

14th June 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30

15th June 2024/Arnold’s Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10-late 

16th June 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10pm-late 

28th June 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/10-late 

29th June 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/10-late 

30th June 2024/Central Bar/Letterkenny/7-9pm 

5th July 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/9.30-late 

6th July 2024/Arnold’s Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10pm-late 

19th July 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm 

20th July 2024/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10pm-late 

28th July 2024/Rose’s Bar/Dunfanaghy/10-late 

9th August 2024/Roses Bar/Creeslough/10-late 

10th August 2024/Arnold’s Bar/Dunfanaghy/10-late 

16th August 2024/Villa Rose/Ballybofey/10-late 

17th August 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm 

23rd August 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/10-late 

24th August 2024/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-11.30pm

25th August 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10-late 

31st August 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/10-late 

1st Sept 2024/Arnold’s Hotel/Dunfanaghy/10-late 

13th September 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm

14th September 2024/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-11.30pm 

15th September 2024/Central Bar/Letterkenny/7-9pm

21st September 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/7-9pm

5th October 2024/ Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-11.30

12th October 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/10-late 

19th October 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm 

20th October 2024/Central Bar/Letterkenny/ 7-9pm

25th October 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10-late

2nd November 2024/ Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-11.30

9th November 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/10-late

15th November 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm 

16th November 2024/Brewery Bar/Letterkenny/10-late

30th November 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10-late 

1st December 2024/Central Bar/Letterkenny/7-9pm 

7th December 2024/Rose’s Bar/Creeslough/10-late

13th December 2024/Dillon’s Hotel/ Letterkenny/9.30-11.30pm

14th December 2024/Shandon Hotel/Dunfanaghy/9.30-11.30pm

20th December 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/10-late 

28th December 2024/An Chuirt Hotel/Gweedore/10-late

29th December 2024/Roses’s Bar/Creeslough/10-late